our last pregnancy.


About seven months ago, I found out I was pregnant. Surprised Levi on his birthday- we both we’re so excited! Our youngest is almost 3, so we thought this would be perfect timing to add to our family. Unfortunately, around 5 weeks, we had a miscarriage. It was painful, as this way my first one I’ve ever experienced after having two boys I never thought this would happen. Took me a few weeks to process it, I was emotional about the situation… but Levi kept my spirits high- letting me know, it just wasn’t the right time and since we did have two healthy pregnancies before. We could always try again, once we we’re ready.

So, three months later we found out we we’re pregnant with our rainbow baby. Of course, I was worried- who wouldn’t be? After I passed my 5 weeks, the worry seemed to drift away. Currently, going into my second trimester and during the last doctors visit, everything + the baby looks great! *wheeew*

Around 9 weeks, we took a blood test to find out the gender of the baby, we couldn’t wait to find out what god has blessed us with, once again. Of course, I’m not letting that secret out just yet- stay tuned.

I’ve been so gone from blogging and trying to keep up to date on my social media.

True is: I’ve been SO insanely tired. Feeling like I’ve actually just had a newborn- kind of tired. I’m going into my second trimester and I’m a lot feeling better. Hint the blog post 😉

I’ve had all the common signs, but never actually got sick. Just a lot of nausea and tiredness.

Since this will be our last little babe, yes… last. I wanted to soak it in and share every step of the way.

That about wraps up the first trimester, I’ll be sharing more details about this journey and our gender reveal soon!


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