Nursing essentials with WalMart.

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month and I never thought so much about it until I became a mom. I tried SO hard to breastfeed the boys but it never really worked out due to lack of knowledge and support. When I first found out that I get a third chance to try again, I was determined and all for it! I took a class and received all the tools and help I can! Breastfeeding is hard work and it’s definitely a journey! 

I’ve always had problems with latching and I definitely couldn’t get Blakely to latch without the help of these nipple shields I purchased from Walmart! They have everything you need from start to finish for breastfeeding. 

I wanted to share my MUST haves from Walmart for nursing since Walmart is supporting this national event with deals on breast and feeding items!  If this is your first time or you just need more information about tools— these helped me out tremendously and I have to share! 

Nipple shield— latching can be frustrating and exhausting, that’s for sure! But with these nipple shields, they can help your baby latch WAY better to nurse! 

Nursing pads— because you’ll be leaking like crazy until you get your body on a schedule! 

Nipple cream— this will be your best friend! Your nipples get cracked and dried and this will soothe and relieve them right away! 

Comfortable nursing bras— you need one that’s not too tight and that’s easy to get the job done with looking stylish for your man still! 

Breast pump— always a need, it can help in so many ways! I’ve used mine a lot when I was having trouble latching. Also if you leave baby for a short trip! 

Storage bags— you need something to store your breast milk in! I felt so good knowing I had backup in the fridge/freezer. 

Boppy pillow— this pillow was a dream! It helped me so much to get Blakely and I in a comfortable position especially after a c-section. 

Bottles— I used Dr. Brown bottles, I love them and it helps with colic and gas! 

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