minimal gold office.


Having a office is super important. It keeps you organized and motivated. Having one place where your office is permanently located creates a more professional atmosphere, as well as allowing you to make a clear distinction between home life and work.

Your workspace is a part of your home. So your décor will reflective your personal taste. But make sure you consider form over function. Your shelves, other facilities, storage and desk must be functional with the layout you choose so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. I feel like the must haves to include into your office are a comfy chair, this is important because you can not work long in an uncomfortable chair-trust me. You’ll also want a candle, some kind of aroma to set the mood and clear your mind. You do not any want clutter, so make sure to have great storage solutions. Keep it clean and simple, this will ease your mind.

You can find my décor and items over on my IG @tindeputy.


Make this space your happy place.


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