first vacay with the boys.

Happy Wednesday babes! So, we finally took the boys on road trip to Chicago, IL. A vacation with them was long over due, but Levi and I knew we needed to take a break from work and everyday life.

The ride up wasn’t too bad, only 3 hours and they we’re pretty good. We stayed from 4th of July til Friday evening. We did everything kid-friendly from seeing the fireworks on the Navy Pier from going to the Shedd Aquarium. The funny thing about the 4th, we we’re all soaked by the end of the night- all of a sudden it started raining and I mean POURING down, we even requested a Uber before this started. While we we’re waiting for the Uber, it got so bad that it was flooding the streets. So, the Uber cancelled on us. We seriously walked/ran while holding the boys-soaking wet to our hotel. Took the longest/hottest shower ever and got into our pj’s for the night. The first night was definitely something to remember.

Other than the first night, the whole trip went pretty good. We went to the beach, the zoo, got some deep dish and walked around the city to shop and find some ice cream shops. The only bad part about this trip-walking. The boys we’re not up for it whatsoever.

Safe to say, they loved the city.

Us on the other hand, we’ll be booking a beach vacay for them next time!

I’ve linked all the outfit details below-or just follow along on the app



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