charles & colvard stackable rings.

I’m all about dainty pieces when it comes to jewelry. I am one of those girls that rarely rotates her jewelry. So I’m totally obsessing over these babies. From layered necklaces to simple pendants, a brand with dainty jewelry is a brand that’s high on my list! Layering is what I’m allll about! I’m in love with the mixed metals and if you’re not on board yet- you need to be! If you love a simple style, then dainty jewelry pieces are the best way to embellish a minimalistic look. I mean come on, every Instagram influencer in the world is wearing these thin accessories! Gold + silver is never going out of style.

Gold dripped in moissanite, is better than gold.

I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you about this trend right now, but Charles & Colvard specializes in lab-created moissanite, which is the world’s most brilliant gem! As a naturally occurring mineral,
moissanite is incredibly rare and, was first discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan, which is why it was named “moissanite” in his honor. Love the history behind these beauties.

They are even saving our environment because they don’t have to be mined like other naturally occurring gemstones. They’re man-made and created, in a lab, making them an environmentally responsible and ethically sourced gemstone. Way to protect the world, right? Charles & Colvard’s moissanite shines brighter than all others! Moissanite is a great diamond alternative – whether it’s because of price point or because you’re looking for a conflict-free and eco-friendly option.

I adore my stackable rings I received from Charles & Colvard for Iconery and I know you would too!

Shop below:

Moissanite Stackable Ring in 14K Gold

Moissanite Stackable Ring in 14K White Gold 

Moissanite Beaded Stackaable Ring in 14K Gold 


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