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Hi loves. I wanted to share a brief summary of how I got started on my blog since I’ve been asked a few times on how everything works. So, I created my first blog on BlogSpot in December 2016. It was my own ‘online magazine’, where I was able to share my love for fashion, design and a overall lifestyle of mine. Little did I know that this beginner’s space would take me to RewardStyle (a dream to become apart of), making blogs for others, and Collaborating with so many great brands and to think, it’s only been a little under a year. In May I found out how to convert my blog into Wordpress. A much better platform to expand my wings and learn + customize to my own liking. Most bloggers have been doing this FOREVER and they are making it a full time job. Since I still work a 8-5 desk job, I try to learn as much as I can and become more experienced. I hope to one day make this a full time job and help other bloggers out there get started because it is a hard process if you have no clue what you’re doing (like I was). If you want a detailed post on “how to start a blog” please comment below!


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