a weekend in Chicago, IL.

Almost a month ago Levi and I went on our first vacation without the boys – short and sweet. But we loved every second of it. Levi has never been to Chicago and I’ve been three times already. So of course I had done all the planning 😉 together we’ve been to Ohio, Georgia and Kansas. Which we actually lived in Kansas for a couple of years. We went to many attractions Chicago has to offer including Oak Street Beach, The Navy Pier, The Wrigley field and The Cloud Gate (also known as the “bean”). While we we’re exploring we stopped at The Hampton SocialLou Malnatis and Sprinkles Cupcakes for quick bites. But we did dine at Jack’s Famous Wings and Sandwiches, Tavern on Rush and The Signature Room on the 95th (best views ever) it was incredible! We did so much in one day, when we went back to the hotel it was a nice to just relax and have alone time. It was a mini vacation but much needed. Planning our trip to Chicago, Levi insisted on getting a hotdog and I insisted on riding on the subway so we can experience the Chicago life. Which he fell in love with. Now we are planning our next trip and we’ll probably plan to be there a little long since we were here for only the weekend. But not too long since we seem to miss the boys too quickly lol

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