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Happy Wednesday babes, can’t believe this week is already half way over- we got this! Today I wanted to share with you a collaboration I’m working on with Jord Watches.

First, I wanted to thank Jord Watches for being so interested in my blog and reaching out to me. Definitely makes me realize how rewarding it is to work really hard towards your passion, no matter how crazy life gets. This post definitely brings a deeper meaning to my new watch. After discovering what they were all about and the story behind these one of a kind pieces, I was so in! I’ve always been a fan of accessories and my favorite would happen to be watches but this would have to be my favorite watch ever! Jord Watches is a luxury hand-crafted classic timepiece with a modern take, made with sapphire and thirteen different natural woods. I received the Zebrawood and Navy design from the Frankie Collection. It is to die for and I already received so compliments! Definitely a unique style and perfect piece for everyone to wear. The slogan ‘Wear Time Well’ has so much meaning behind it and it has me obsessed! These watches are an effortless addition to your fall wardrobe. With it’s beautiful natural tones, it’s evocative of the changing seasons. Wear your time well and check them out, here.


Jord Watches and I are hosting a giveaway for $100 off any watch AND everyone who enters automatically receives a code for $25 your purchase and free watch engraving (some models excluded) use code: chandeliersandlipstick. You can enter here.


Also, wanted to give a big thank you to Jord Watches for collaborating, reaching out and sponsoring this post. Definitely an honor working for you.

Today’s blog post is in partnership with JORD, but all opinions are my own.





Luxury Wood Watch



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