Happy Tuesday dolls, I wanted to share a brief post about BootayBag! I recently teamed up with the BEST subscription out there by far. You get two pairs of undies sent straight to your door, once a month for a low price of $12 + free shipping. You can choose from the options of always thongs, never thongs or mix it up. For the girl who likes any kind of panty and isn’t afraid to branch out, a combo of the cheeky panties and thongs would be great for you! But don’t worry, they will never surprise you with granny panties. They also have sizes from XS to XL. Great for all body types. Best part about this subscription is that they donate $1 for everyone who posts a photo with the hashtag #undermatters on social media to the Melanoma Foundation! They want to raise awareness that everyone has their own battle, but that does not mean you have to fight alone! You can check them out here.


Image via Pinterest.

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